Upcoming Meetings & Fundraiser

Alex will discuss common intellectual property issues and concerns for businesses, and how to maximize the value of intellectual property for any business.

Alex is a registered patent attorney, and has helped clients from tech startups to established multinational corporations maximize and protect their intellectual property.  With his ability to get up to speed quickly, and deep understanding of intellectual property law, Alex embodies the essential qualities in an intellectual property attorney.  He brings in-depth, specialized knowledge in a variety of disciplines when litigating intellectual property disputes.

Eyeglasses for Senegal

Please grab what you no longer use and we will ship them in September. Every pair helps us to change lives!!

  • Did you know that people in developing countries struggle with access to proper eyewear? Parents struggle at work and students struggle at school because of their impaired vision. This lack of access also directly affects people’s self-esteem and self-worth.
  • We are collecting glasses that are in good condition. If you or someone you know have glasses that you no longer need, please consider donating them to a worthy cause.
  • If you are able extend a little effort, and collect glasses from your workplace, school, friends or family members.

TBD  – 2021 Event Register Here

Full event details will follow registration via email.