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Jennifer Gaines, founder of JCS Sober Living, operates two sober homes in the Minneapolis area. A survivor of sex trafficking herself, Jenny is passionate about having safe homes for women to transition to. Knowing that addiction and prostitution go hand in hand and having personal experience with not being able to talk about prostitution in treatment without judgement, Jenny became motivated to open a sober home.
She is a graduate of Breaking Free, a St. Paul based non-profit that works with survivors of sex trafficking and their children. Jenny was also employed at Breaking Free for eight years and spent five years as a HUD Certified Housing Advocate in their housing program. During her time at Breaking Free, Jenny also facilitated support groups, executed public speaking and presentations for fund raising to increase awareness of sex trafficking and was involved in other supportive and administrative services related to housing (which is the number one barrier to women leaving trafficking.)
JCS and Breaking Free have an ongoing, supportive relationship and Jenny connects women to Breaking Free and also receives referrals from Breaking Free. Jenny is a Member of MASH and partners with three outpatient treatment providers.

Devon is the Creative Director and Brand Manager for the Emmy-nominated, hit series Small Business Revolution, an Original Series by Deluxe — airing on Hulu and Prime Video–providing small businesses with the makeover of a lifetime. As creative director and brand manager, she assures brand consistency across all marketing channels and communication initiatives for the series, while designing the individual brands for the featured businesses each season, connecting customer needs to each small business’s story. She also produces, directs and styles studio and environmental photoshoots, which marries her talents in creative thinking and problem solving.

As a leader in advertising and marketing, Devon was recently recognized by AdFed Minnesota as “32 Under 32” people for her leadership, creativity, and originality, and was recently named as Co-Director of Events to the Ad2 Board of Directors.

Deluxe made a bold bet with the “Small Business Revolution,” spotlighting small businesses and creating a movement around supporting small businesses. Recognizing that small businesses are especially under siege in small towns. Deluxe launched the Small Business Revolution docu-series on HULU which each season gives one small town and its small businesses a makeover of a lifetime. In this session, hear from the creative director, the unique challenges of filming Season 5 amongst a pandemic and what lead to bringing the revolution home, and how all companies can do well by doing good.

Technology Collection

End Date Feb 17 2022

Please grab what you no longer use – that can be used as refurbished technology. 

Tech Dump collects ready-to-recycle devices and refurbishes them for resale while providing job training and practical experience for adults facing barriers to employment that prepares them to be more valuable employees with an expanding future.

Some of the items accepted:


  • iPads & Tablets
  • Routers & Modems


  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Cords, Cables, & Power Strips
  • Power Adapters & Supplies
  • Docking Stations






  • DVD & VCR
Information on the types of items they collect is available at:  https://www.techdump.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Tech-Dump-Drop-off-Pricing-Sheet_7.29.21.pdf  

2022 Social/Fundraiser –  January 6th –  7:00pm

Possible Hybrid Format. Apps, Cocktails and Fun! 

For zoom link to event submit email.